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         Buster , Bella, Febbie                                                          



 Bella our princess miniature poodle, Buster our lazy Chocolate Lab, we have both in the house with us ! They are an amazing addition to the family, and we would NOT trade them for the world, Bella is currently  6 years old and Buster is 9 , are both spoiled rotten. They love outdoors ,just loves to go outside and play w/ the other puppies/dogs. All of them also loves to go on rides, in the car/truck....


          We've been in business for 25+ years, and it's just something we enjoy, we absolutely love all of our dogs and treat them with care. We provide them with the Healthiest Environment at all possible.. They get LOTs of love and attention every day, they get played with Daily.  



 -We do accept deposits of $100 which is non-refundable, which means we can hold puppies up to 1 week for free! If we have no deposits we cannot hold the puppy!....


- We only Accept Cash, & Paypal there is a .3% card charge for paypal and  NO checks due to all of the trouble that we've had with getting bad checks...


 ** If your interested please feel free to give us a call.. And keep in touch and send us pictures, if you got a puppy from us before we are looking forward from hearing from you... Thanks for all your time, God Bless and Have a Wonderful day!! (=

** We do offer a $50 discount for a active military.

 (Must have military I.D

** We also offer a $50 discount for all returning customers, just bring ur receipt from you previous






 Contact us at:


304-782-2428 (Home)

Salem, WV 





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